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orion NAPH Conference

The National Association of Professors of Hebrew and the Centro de
Ensenanza de Lenguas Extranjeras
Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico

NAPH 1999 International Conference on Hebrew Language and Literature
Centro de Ensenanza de Lenguas Extranjeras
Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico
Mexico City, Mexico

June 7-9, 1999

About the 1999 NAPH Conference on Hebrew language and literature:

The NAPH conferences are an ongoing forum for the exchange of ideas,
knowledge, and information related to the teaching of Hebrew language and

The 1999 sessions will be devoted to the following topics:

General Interest Topics:
- Hebrew language and linguistics
- Modern Hebrew literature
- Biblical and post-biblical language and literature
Teaching Emphasis Topics:
- Teaching Hebrew language and linguistics
- Teaching Hebrew literature
- Impact of research on teaching
- Development of instructional materials
- Introducing technology to the Hebrew classroom
- Introducing cultural topics to the Hebrew classroom

Call for presentations: The conference consists of two types of
(1) research and methodology presentations;
(2) demonstrations of classroom techniques. Presentations on biblical
language and literature are given in English. Hebrew is preferred for all
other presentations, but presentations in English on any subject will be

Graduate student travel grants: The Dorot Foundation has provided a number
of grants to support graduate student participation in the conference.
Applications must accompany proposal and abstract. Contact
naph@macc.wisc.edu for application information.

Abstracts: Proposals for presentations must be accompanied by a detailed
abstract of about one double-spaced page. Abstracts should include: (1)
the title of the presentation; (2) the name of the presenter; (3) a clear
indication of the nature of the issue you propose to address and the
manner in which you intend to address it. All abstracts will be published
and should be prepared accordingly. Abstracts in English must be typed.
Abstacts in Hebrew may be handwritten, but typing is preferred. Proposals
from graduate students are welcome.

The deadline for proposals is January 1, 1999.

Send proposal form and abstract to: 

Professor Gilead Morahg
1346 Van Hise Hall
1220 Linden Drive
Univerity of Wisconsin
Madison, WI 53706-1558
tel: 608 262-3204
fax: 608 262-9417 
E-mail: gmorahg@facstaff.wisc.edu