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RE: orion What comes after the Nash papyrus?

The amulet is not at the Rockefeller but at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem.  It was found in one of nine tomb graves at the Shoulder of Hinnom (Ketef Hinnom) west of the old city and next to the Church of Scotland.  The amulet was found as part of excavations conducted between 1979 and 1988 under the direction of G. Barkay.  The caves were found disturbed and in a state of ruin as a result of quarrying by the Romans.   The amulet was found in cave 24 which contained a forecourt, a large central hall, and five burial chambers  with rock cut benches.  In one of the chambers to the right of the central court and beneath one of the benches was a repository filled with hundreds of finds, including pottery, jewelry, and various artifacts from the first temple period.  Among them was the amulet which consists of two rolled up silver plaques.  These were incised with the benedictory formuals in ancient Hebrew script.  They date to circa 700 BCE.

> Jack - could you explain - I cannot find a reference to a "Silver Amulet"
> in any of the relevent books in my possetion.
> Thank you,      Asia

The silver talisman dates to c. 700 BCE and is inscribed
in palaeohebrew with a version of the priestly benediction
of Numbers 6:24-26.  Whether this was a benediction later
included in Numbers or whether this is the oldest biblical
text is up to question.  I believe the artifact is in the
Rockefeller Museum..I cant find my reference on its
provenance...den's too messy (g).  I do have a JPG of it
which I will send you privately attached to e-mail.


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