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orion Nash Papyrus

Date: Sat, 24 Oct 1998 04:49:41 +0200
From: "Naomi G.Cohen" <ngcohen@research.haifa.ac.il>

The Nash Papyrus includes not only the according to its Sept. version
(which has an addition at the beginning), but continues immediately at the
end with the beginning of the Shema (it is fragmented at the bottom which
is presumably why only the first two verses are found). This is generally
accepted as reflecting the statement found in the Mishnah respecting the
daily recitation of the Decalogue followed by the Shema.
Dr. Naomi G. Cohen

At 01:00 PM 24-10-98 GMT, you wrote:
>orion-digest        Saturday, October 24 1998        Volume 01 : Number 449
>Prior to the finding of DSS, the oldest known Biblical manuscript was the
>Nash papyrus found at the turn of the century, containing the ten

Dr. Naomi G. Cohen