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Re: orion What comes after the Nash papyrus?

asia@checkpoint.com wrote:
> Jack - could you explain - I cannot find a reference to a "Silver Amulet"
> in any of the relevent books in my possetion.
> Thank you,      Asia

The silver talisman dates to c. 700 BCE and is inscribed
in palaeohebrew with a version of the priestly benediction
of Numbers 6:24-26.  Whether this was a benediction later
included in Numbers or whether this is the oldest biblical
text is up to question.  I believe the artifact is in the
Rockefeller Museum..I cant find my reference on its
provenance...den's too messy (g).  I do have a JPG of it
which I will send you privately attached to e-mail.


Min d'LA rokHEM l'maRAN yeSHUa meshyCHA niheYAH. maRAN aTHA

Jack Kilmon