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RE: orion Aleppo Codex

In the 1970s, an excellent fascimile edition of the Aleppo codex was
published. I think in no more than 500 copies. We have it in my department,
but I have no access to it this weekend, som I do not know the name of the
publisher (Magnes?). Now, we also have the new edition of Leningradiensis,
every person interested in comparing the two  manuscripts have both them
easily accessible, at least in major libraries. maybe it would also be
possible to persuede the original publisher of the Aleppo Codex to reprint
this magnificent volume, although I would not like to think about the
eventual price.

As to the Isaiah-Jeremiah editions from Jerusalem, they certainly dwarf BH
Kittel or Stuttgartensia, and I look forward to see how the new BH Quinta
will compare (BHQ is--as far as I know--designed to substitute BHS which is
from a text critical point of view of little help--or none at all).


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> Two volumes of the critical edition of the Aleppo Codex have appeared:
>  The Book of Isaiah, Jerusalem, Magnes Press, 1995
> The Book of Jeremiah, Jerusalem, Magnes Press, 1997.
> I"m translating from the Hebrew titles, so the English titles may be a
> bit different.
> Since it took about 30 years from the appearance of the first facsimile
> edition of Isaiah until the appearance of the whole book, and since, if
> my sources are correct, the editors have changed, I'm not too optimistic
> about seeing the whole thing in my lifetime.
> But what I"ve seen is good, very good, makes Kittel look like a pupil's
> exercise.
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