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Re: orion Aleppo Codex

Two volumes of the critical edition of the Aleppo Codex have appeared:
 The Book of Isaiah, Jerusalem, Magnes Press, 1995
The Book of Jeremiah, Jerusalem, Magnes Press, 1997.

I"m translating from the Hebrew titles, so the English titles may be a
bit different.
Since it took about 30 years from the appearance of the first facsimile
edition of Isaiah until the appearance of the whole book, and since, if
my sources are correct, the editors have changed, I'm not too optimistic
about seeing the whole thing in my lifetime.
But what I"ve seen is good, very good, makes Kittel look like a pupil's

Jonathan D. Safren
Dept. of Biblical Studies
Beit Berl College
44905 Beit Berl Post Office