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orion Aleppo Codex

>Ernst Wuerthwein, in The Text of the Old Testament, lists some Geniza
>fragments from the Old Cairo Synagogue, the earliest of which may go back to
>the 5th century CE, and two manuscripts from the Ben Asher family:  Codex
>Cairensis (written and pointed in 895 by Moshe ben Asher) and the Aleppo
>Codex from the tenth century.  Wuerthwein notes that the latter may have
>been destroyed by fire, but apparently it was only dammaged and is currently
>(as of 1996) on display in the Shrine of the Book.
>David Suter
>Saint Martin's College

Please pardon my lapse in memory, but isn't there a critical edition of the
Aleppo Codex being made?  Does anyone know when that will be completed?

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