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Re: Essene bibliography, was Re: orion Hippolytus;

Stephen - thanks a million. That is extremely helpfull.

Best,	Asia

At 01:56 PM 10/4/98 -0500, you wrote:
>Hi, Asia,
>	For my part, in Russian or Cyrillic I've attempted little other
>than looking at Slavonic Josephus and locating spellings of "Essene"
>starting with "O." Not to mention slow going with dictionaries...
>	For surveying pre-1947 modern literature there's nothing quite like
>Wagner, I guess, and it still may be worth finding for the long
>bibliography, pages 248-81 (ditto for Adam/Burchard). You might find some
>of these useful, in addition to Dupont-Sommer:
>Conybeare, F. C. Philo: About the Contemplative Life... (Oxford, 1895)
>Though this has relatively more on Therapeutae than Essenes, the "Excursus
>on the Philonean Authorship..." p. 258-358 (plus an annotated bibliography)
>includes a fascinating account of history of scholarship.
>Ginsburg, Christian D. The Essenes: Their History and Doctrines (London,
>1864 and later reprints), especially pp. 59-82.
>Kohler, K. "Essenes" in The Jewish Encyclopedia (1903); also on Essenes and
>Apocalyptic Lit. in JQR ns 11 (1920/21) 145-68.
>Leclercq, H. in Dictionnaire d'archeologie chretienne... (ed. Cabrol, 1910)
>II: 3058-75.
>Lightfoot, J. B. appendix in Saint Paul's Epistles to the Colossians and to
>Philemon (2nd ed. ff; 1875ff); reprinted in his Dissertations on the
>Apostolic Age.
>Marchal, L. "Esseniens" in Dictionnaire de la Bible, Supplement II (1934).
>Moffat, James in (Hastings) Encyclopedia of Religion and Ethics (ed. James
>Hastings, 1912) V: 315f
>Schuerer, Emil. the pre-Vermes English translations of his History.
>	regards,
>S.Goranson   goranson@duke.edu
>>Hello, Stephen - for some reason (vanity, no doubt) I omitted my main
>>quarrel with this text : I do not read German. Is there anything else at
>>all on the subject in English or French (or Hebrew or Russian?)?
>>Cheers,	Asia