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Re: Essene bibliography, was Re: orion Hippolytus; bibliography; etc.

Hi, Asia,
	For my part, in Russian or Cyrillic I've attempted little other
than looking at Slavonic Josephus and locating spellings of "Essene"
starting with "O." Not to mention slow going with dictionaries...
	For surveying pre-1947 modern literature there's nothing quite like
Wagner, I guess, and it still may be worth finding for the long
bibliography, pages 248-81 (ditto for Adam/Burchard). You might find some
of these useful, in addition to Dupont-Sommer:
Conybeare, F. C. Philo: About the Contemplative Life... (Oxford, 1895)
Though this has relatively more on Therapeutae than Essenes, the "Excursus
on the Philonean Authorship..." p. 258-358 (plus an annotated bibliography)
includes a fascinating account of history of scholarship.
Ginsburg, Christian D. The Essenes: Their History and Doctrines (London,
1864 and later reprints), especially pp. 59-82.
Kohler, K. "Essenes" in The Jewish Encyclopedia (1903); also on Essenes and
Apocalyptic Lit. in JQR ns 11 (1920/21) 145-68.
Leclercq, H. in Dictionnaire d'archeologie chretienne... (ed. Cabrol, 1910)
II: 3058-75.
Lightfoot, J. B. appendix in Saint Paul's Epistles to the Colossians and to
Philemon (2nd ed. ff; 1875ff); reprinted in his Dissertations on the
Apostolic Age.
Marchal, L. "Esseniens" in Dictionnaire de la Bible, Supplement II (1934).
Moffat, James in (Hastings) Encyclopedia of Religion and Ethics (ed. James
Hastings, 1912) V: 315f
Schuerer, Emil. the pre-Vermes English translations of his History.
S.Goranson   goranson@duke.edu

>Hello, Stephen - for some reason (vanity, no doubt) I omitted my main
>quarrel with this text : I do not read German. Is there anything else at
>all on the subject in English or French (or Hebrew or Russian?)?
>Cheers,	Asia