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Essene bibliography, was Re: orion Hippolytus; bibliography; etc.

At 03:33 PM 10/3/98 -0500, stephen goranson wrote:
>	The discussions of Hippolytus and of Hegesippus remind me that we
>could really use a revised handbook on accounts of Essenes. 

Hello, Stephen (& all ) - could not agree more - e.g., I still cannot find
an account of the Essene in 18th-19th century biblical scholarship. The
only pointer I have is an obscure doctorate mentioned by A. Dupont-Sommer -
S. Wagner, Leipzig 1957, "Die Essenerforschung im 19. Jahrhundert" - my
university library does not have it, needless to say. Does anybody know of
a book/article on this subject?

Thank you very much,	Asia Lerner