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orion Forwarded from ANE: HEBRAISTICUM

New Mailing List for Classical Hebrew Studies

We are glad to announce the start of a mailing list called
*HEBRAISTICUM* at october, 1st. *HEBRAISTICUM* is an open mailing list
on topics and issues of interest in the whole field of classical Hebrew,
i.e. Biblical Hebrew, Hebrew Epigraphy, Hebrew Sirach and Hebrew
Language of the DSS. It is intended to support an European Network for
Classical Hebrew, that is to encourage scholarly interaction and
exchange of information in the field of Classical Hebrew in an
uncomplicated manner and in a fast medium.

*HEBRAISTICUM* is a project of the *Mainzer Arbeitskreis fuer
Althebraeische Sprache* at the Johannes Gutenberg-Universitaet Mainz.
Conference languages are German, English, or French.

To su6scribe, please send the message "su6scribe hebraisticum" in the
body of an e-mail message to: majordomo@mail.uni-mainz.de.

For further information contact listowner J.F.Diehl:

best regards
reinhard g.lehmann

       Dr. Reinhard G. Lehmann
       Lecturer for Classical Hebrew and Aramaic
       Johannes-Gutenberg Universitaet Mainz
       D - 55099 Mainz
       tel: +49 - 6131 - 39 3284