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AW: orion Hemerobaptists

>In his "Church History" (22:7) Eusebius quotes Hegesippus who refers to
>seven Jewish sects (while Josephus refers to four): "Essens, Galileans,
>Hemerobaptists, Masbothaeans, Samaritans, Sadducees and Pharisees."

I was wondering what were meant by Galileans in contrast to Pharisees, 
what was meant by Masbotheans, in addition to Hemerobaptists? Were these
three groups totally unaffiliated from Pharisaic Judaism?

David Goldman

***Eusebius also mentions the *christian* sect
of the Masboethaens a few verses earlier (22:5). So
I wondered: could the jewish Masboethaeans of verse 7 be 
a mistake under the influence of that earlier verse, 
that is: a  corruption of Boethusians (after Boethus, a priest
from Egypt assigned by Herod; the sect is also mentionend
in the Talmud AFAIK) ??

Could the Galileans be Zelotes, Josephus' 'fourth sect...
founded by Judas the Galilean'  ?

kind regards,
Aayko Eyma