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Re: orion Scroll coverings; rectangular patterns Gammadia?

Dr. Petersen and Orionites,

I would be curious to know what these pattterns on the linen coverings of 
scrolls looked like.

Were they the familiar gammadia [squares ] similar to those found on the 
cloth depicted on a late [520 A.D.]  Ravenna Mosaic  of Melchisedec 
offering bread
and wine at an altar [Genesis 14:18-20]?

I also propose and alternate hypothesis for the tight weave of the linen 
I suspect that  the reason for the tightness of the weave of the linen 
may be that the weaver knew the scrolls were being secreted to come forth 
centuries later.
A tight weave would protect the scrolls from various hazards.

Randall Larsen
University of Hawaii at Manoa
[no decoding necessary]

Sigrid Peterson wrote:

> According to SAbramo884@aol.com:
> >
> > I reread a paperbound ed. of an old book on the DSS.  Principally the 
cave 1
> > scrolls, but also the cave 4 ones.
> > It was indicated that there was also found linen coverings for the 
> > with patterns on them.
> > There was blue thread runing in rectangular patterns.
> > Anyone know what the significance of the patterns was?
> > Any information about the persons who wove these covers available?  
Can we
> > determine where the linen originate?
> The expert on the linen coverings is Mireille Bolle. She herself is a
> weaver, and has had access to the materials stored at Ecole Biblique in

> Jerusalem. She reported on her work at the International Congress on 
> Dead Sea Scrolls--Fifty Years After Their Discovery, held in Jerusalem 
> July of 1997. It is not possible to know where the linen originated,
> according to Bolle; however, her own experience with weaving led her to

> suggest, informally, that the person who wove one particular covering 
> extremely depressed and angry, because of the tightness of the weave.
> > Any information would be helpful.
> > Thank you,
> > Steve Abramowitz
> > J. D. NYU School of Law.
> Sigrid Peterson   UPenn   petersig@ccat.sas.upenn.edu