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Re: orion Re: Warning


I initially had problems getting the program up and running when I 
purchased it several years ago, but the problem was my computer and 
not the program.  At the time, Logos was very helpful but there 
wasn't much they could do until I got a new computer.  Whether either 
of the following is your problem is hard to say, but I did discover in 
the process that playing games on a computer can lead to altered 
files and settings that get in the way of programs like the DSS disk. 
At the time, I was trying to use a computer in our computer center 
over which I had little control over what was done with it otherwise 
that might affect the files and settings.  I've had better luck with 
a Pentium level processor and adequate RAM. 
  I have also had problems with the fact that the version of Quicktime 
on the disk is an older one than the one currently available through 
Windows 95, and the program will not work with the later version. 
 At present, I have both versions on my computer (which 
can lead to some confusion) and it is sometimes necessary to start 
the correct version for a particular program before running that 
program (I believe that the DSS disk calls for a 16 bit version of 
Quicktime, and other programs that I have call for a 32 bit version).

If there is actually  a flaw in the disk, it seems to me that Eisenbrauns 

should exchange it.  Contact me privately if your problem sounds 
like the ones I had.

David Suter
Saint Martin's College

> From:          DoraFrank@aol.com
> Date:          Sun, 27 Sep 1998 19:33:25 EDT
> To:            orion@mscc.huji.ac.il
> Subject:       orion Re: Warning
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> Some months ago I purchased the CD Dead Sea Scrolls Revealed through
> Eisenbrauns.
> The disk is defective. I approached LOGOS and received no answer. I 
then wrote
> to Eisenbrauns with the same result.
> Such business practices should be known to all members, since this CD 
> referred to in some previous orion correspondence.
> Frank Rosenthal
> Institute for Jewish Studies
> Portland. Oregon