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TO:  Asia Lerner

Could you please elaborate about his extravagance regarding the

And what do you think has embroidered on the passage regarding the


On Mon, 14 Sep 1998 11:28:49 +0200 asia@checkpoint.com writes:
>At 08:22 PM 9/8/98 -0400, you wrote:
>>You asked if Hippolytus was copying from Josephus.  Once you read the
>>text, I think you will believe that Josephus and Hippolytus were 
>>from some PRIOR text. 
>This very same Hippolytus is a corner stone of Del Medico's "The Myth 
>The Essenes". Del Medico's theory is that Hippolytus' text is the 
>source of
>the Essene passages in Josephus, these passages being a late (3-4th
>century) insertion, not written by Josephus originally.
>On my part, it seems to me that there are few things in Hippolytus 
>cannot be derived from one of the Big Three : Philo, Josephus and 
>and the notion of an original source prior to Josephus and Hippolytus 
>unnecessary. Hippolytus simply has a tendancy for embroidering on his
>sources - this is as obvious in the passage on Sadduccees as it is in 
>passage on the Essenes. 
>All best,	Asia Lerner

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