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Sv: orion Talmon and the Qumran "Library"

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Sure. The notion of "library" suggests that the scrolls were deposited for
reference and archival use, whereas the prevailing hypotheses tend to
assume it was a matter of a one-off deposition, hence what Assyriologists
call a "dead archive", rather than a "library".

best regards,

Fred Cryer

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> Emne: orion Talmon and the Qumran "Library"
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> > Emne: 	orion Talmon and the Qumran "Library"
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> First, I would like to apologize if mail was bounced back from my account
> the list as my college's internet connection was down for a week.
> Second, in his essay ³The Community of the Renewed Covenant: Between
> and Christianity² Talmon notes his reticence to use "library" as a
> term for describing the Qumran scrolls (p. 7 fn. 12). The reference he
> for his full discussion of this issue is "The Essential 'Community of the
> Renewed Covenant': How should Qumran Studies Proceed?" in Paper of the
> Library of Congress Qumran Symposium. Now as far as I know, the essay
> actually appeared in Geschichte-Tradition-Reflection,1 Judentum, eds. H.
> Cancik, et al. Tübingen: J. C. B. Mohr (Paul Siebeck), 1996, though I do
> have access to this volume.
> Is anyone familiar with the essay and could give me the reasons why he is
> reticent to use the term "library" when discussing the scrolls.
> Thanks in advance.
> -Tyler
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