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Re: orion Copper Scroll

	Judah Lefkovits has done a lot of research on the question of
relative values of karsh and talent. He lays out the rather complicated
evidence in "Appendix C: KK Versus KKRYN," pages 1055-1105 (in vol. 3) in
his 1993 NYU dissertation, The Copper Scroll, 3Q15: A New Reading....  It
is available from UMI xerox (3 vols.), and several libraries (including
NYU, Brandeis, Emory, Washington U. [MO], Duke) have it, so interlibrary
loan is possible.
	There are differing weights given by different scholars.  On page
1085 JK wrote: "...One karsh is 10 shekels; a regular shekel is 7.1 gram,
while the sacred shekel or sela is 14.2 gm, as mentioned above. If a karsh
is 10 regular shekels, then it is 71 gm; if a karsh is 10 sacred shekels or
selas, then it is 142 gm. In a regular talents [sic] there are 3000 regular
shekels, or 1500 sacred shekels. Thus, in a talent there are either 300 or
150 karsh."  [He argues that the "regular" rather than "sacred" weight is
more likely here.]

best wishes,
Stephen Goranson