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Re: orion Copper Scroll

In his NYU dissertation (I have not seen the announced publication by
Brill) Judah Lefkovits proposed that KK in the Copper Scroll is not an
abbreviation for KKRYN (talents), as had been thought, but rather an
abbreviation for KSP KR$ (silver karsh), analogous with Elephantine Aramaic
abbreviations. If this proposal is accepted, one consequence is that the
Copper Scroll list total is smaller than in some previous accountings. A
paper of his on this subject will, I think, appear in the forthcoming
Copper Scroll Conference proceedings (Manchester/Sheffield), George Brooke
best wishes,
Stephen Goranson

>In a recent lecture on the value of the Copper Scroll treasures, the speaker
>referred to the Persian weight  KARSH (?) in relation to talents.
>Unfortunately he did not explain these terms. I do not have ready access to
>the Lefkovitz  study. A simple explanation would be helpful.
>Frank Rosenthal
>Institute For Jew. STudies
>Portland, Oregon