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orion Re: Release of two CDROMS for the study or DSS texts

Orion list members:

I was under the mistaken impression that the E.J. Brill Dead Sea Scroll
CDROM and the FARMS Dead Sea Scroll CDROM were the same.  A collegue
informs me that the two are not identical.  The confusion arises from
the fact that E.J. Brill and FARMs were originally working together to 
produce one product.   Eventually if was decided that TWO different
products would be released.  

Both products have digitized photograph's of the texts with
magnification and image enhancement capabilities.   Reviewers suggest
that the CDROM is potentially a more efficient and effective way to
study the texts than study with the use of photographs or microfiche.  
The extensive search capabilities provided by these CDROM's are very

Both CDROMs were demonstrated  at a widely attended  Dead Sea Scrolls
conference at BYU in July 1996 according to a participant " it was clear
that the FARMS product was superior, both in picture quality and in
search capabilities, as well as in enhancement capabilities" (used by

More information and a review of the capablities of the E.J. Brill
product is available on this link:


The link below provides an excerpt containing more information about th
FARMS Dead Sea Scroll database of texts and translations.   The CD-ROM
is available to individuals who su-bscribe to FARMs at a special price
of $ 249.   Farms is an independent research foundation head quartered
at LDS Brigham Young University.   A description of the CD-ROM and how
the project came about is found on this link:


The activities of FARMS in sponsoring conferences and Dead Sea Scroll
research is also touched on in this excerpt.   I have no direct
affiliation with the FARMS organization but I highly recommend SELECTED
publications of FARMS such as the DSS CDROM that apply to the possible
interest of list members.  [Most of FARMS publications are directed to
an LDS audience]

Information on subscribing to FARMs (in order to get the special price
on the DSS cdrom) is available at this link:



Randall Larsen
Hawaii Pacific University
University of Hawaii at Manoa
Chaminade University