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orion new Brill series

New Series Announcement:

Jewish & Christian Perspectives Series

A new series from Brill publishers in cooperation with Bar Ilan
University, Israel, Catholic Theological University of Utrecht (KTU),
Netherlands, and The Ingeborg Rennert Center for Jerusalem Studies,

Editors: Joshua Schwartz, Marcel Poorthuis & Freek van den Steen

About the new series:
Judaism and Christianity share much of a heritage. There has been a good
deal of interest of late in this phenomenon, examining both this common
heritage, as well as the elements unique to each religion. There has,
however, been no systematic attempt to present findings relative to both
Jewish and Christian tradition to a broad audience of scholars. It is the
purpose of the proposed series to do just that. Jewish and Christian
Perspectives will publish studies that are relevant to both Christianity
and Judaism. The series will include works relating to the Hebrew Bible
and New Testament, the Second Temple period, the Judaeo-Christian polemic
(from ancient until modern times), Rabbinical literature relevant to
Christianity, Patristics, Medieval Studies and the modern period. Special
interest will be paid to the interaction between the religions throughout
the ages. Historical, exegetical, philosophical and theological studies
are welcomed as well as studies focusing on sociological and
anthropological issues common to both religions including archaeology.

Vol. 1: Sanctity of Time and Space in Tradition and Modernity (1998)
Editors: A. Houtman, M. Poorthuis, J. Schwartz

In both Judaism and Christianity time and space can take on a sacred time
and space from an interdisciplinary perspective, ranging from the Biblical
period through Qumran, Patristics, Rabbinics, archaeology and theology to
modern and even to post-modern rituals. The approach offers a fascinating
insight into both the common heritage of Judaism and Christianity and
their mutual differences.

(This monograph contains articles resulting from the 1996 conference at
Bar-Ilan University and Jerusalem.)

Vol. 2: Purity and Holiness (Spring 1999)

Articles resulting from the conference in 1998 at the Catholic Theological
University in Utrecht.