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orion Dead Sea Scroll CDROM's

Note to the list in general: This one bounced because of the "s" word in
line 3. If you do post something with words which resemble majordomo
commands, try to insert a hyphen or other character. Thanks. And thanks
also to Randall Larsen for mentioning FARMS. I was wondering whether
anyone on the list knew of a URL for them.

Avital Pinnick

Date: Wed, 22 Jul 1998 19:04:52 -1000
From: rlarsen <rlars@aloha.net>

Orion List Members,

Here's a link to excerpt containing more information about a Dead Sea
Scroll database of texts and translations.   The CD-ROM is available to
individuals who su-bscribe to FARMs at a special price of $ 249.   Farms
is an independent research foundation head quartered at LDS Brigham
Young University.   A description of the CD-ROM and how the project came
about is found on this link:


The activities of FARMS in sponsoring conferences and Dead Sea Scroll
research is also touched on in this excerpt.   I have no direct
affiliation with the FARMS organization but I highly recommend selected
publications of FARMS that apply to the general interest of list

Information on membership in Farms which publishes papers and books of
both LDS and general interest is available at



Randall Larsen