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Re: orion Re: CD-Rom material

Targum Onkelos (and I think Targum Jonathan to the Prophets) are available
on the Rabbinic CD-Rom from Davka (Publishing Co.?) in Chicago, along with
a multitude of other rabbinic texts include the 2 talmuds, midrashim, etc.
You can find more information on their web site (www.davka.com??).
Targum Neofiti can be acquired in a computer usable from the Comprehensive
Aramaic Lexicon at Hebrew Union College, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA.
That's all I can suggest with regard to targums at the moment.

>Does anyone know if the Dead Sea Scrolls are avialable yet on CD-Rom
>or the Targums or Pseudepigrapha?  We have a grant which can be used to
> purchase CD-Rom reference material and these would be excellent if
> available.
> Would be gald to hear if these are around and where from?
>The answer to this question will help Dr. Mary Coloe and me.
>Richard H. Anderson
> Dr.Mary Coloe pbvm
>> Australian Catholic University
>> mcoloe@netspace.net.au (home)    or
>> M.Coloe@christ.acu.edu.au

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