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Re: orion Re: CD-Rom material

Logos' Dead Sea Scroll Revealed is OK for a really nicely done introduction, but its value doesn't
extend much beyond that. It is "edutainment" but hardly comparable to a scholarly tool. To be fair,
I don't think Logos promotes it as such. Interface (navigation) is a little funky, but very nice
graphically. It was on special some weeks back (didn't they post something here?) for around $20
US. It's worth that at least! Get both!!

Randall mentions disks with Patriologia. Not that you have consider this one, but another
commercial product--- that should be good, but isn't---is the Sage Digital Library, Sage Software
(1-800-297-4307). It has a huge amount of works including Ante- and Post-Nicene Fathers, both
series. Sells for about $50. BUT again the interface is the problem. It is so much of a pain it
will drive you nuts. They decided to use Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) to do all the docs, but finding
things (word searches) will drive you insane! And when you do find your prize, you're not sure
where it is that you've found it. I remind myself of Stooge Larry (Fine), pulling out gobs of hair,
whenever I use it, and wish Moe was around to smack me with a wrench to get me out of my misery.

Sorry, it's late (and guess what's on TV).

Tim Phillips

rlarsen wrote:

> To Richard Anderson:
> Jacob Knee beat me to the punch in informing you of The Dead Sea CDROM
> prepared for the purpose of scholarly research. reviewed at
> http://info.ox.ac.uk/ctitext/publish/comtxt/ct16/mohrmann.html
> Though the CDROM seems a bit pricey.   I am acquainted with some of the
> people who prepared the CDROM --a lot of work went into it.   If a source
> of texts is what you are after this is the one.
> There are also excellent commercially available interactive Educational
> CD-roms.
> One is by Logos,  according to their advert
> > The Dead Sea Scrolls Revealed
> >
> >      This interactive CD-ROM will serve as a friendly guide to all the major aspects of the
> > Scrolls and their background.
> >
> >      It offers close-up pictures, for instance, of the exquisite lettering on the ancient
> > Hebrew texts, or flies the
> >      viewer through unique 3D constructions of the Qumran settlement and of the
> > conceptual Temple as described
> >      in the Scrolls.
> >
> >      And it provides various historical overviews that distill decades of scholarly research.
> >
> This cdrom is available from:
> http://www.eisenbrauns.com/software/logos/deadsea.html
> There are a number of other CDROM at that site which may be of interest.
> There are also a number of websites that offer Pseudopigrapha and
> Patriologia on-line.
> CDroms are available but they may not be necessary for those connected to
> the web.
> An interesting list of links is posted by the Syrian Orthodox Church at:
> http://www.netadventure.com/~soc/Links/index.html
> One site is
> http://ccel.wheaton.edu/fathers2/
> There are a number of other good links.  I would be happy to reply with
> more offlst.
> Randall Larsen
> Richard H. Anderson wrote:
> > Does anyone know if the Dead Sea Scrolls are avialable yet on CD-Rom
> > or the Targums or Pseudepigrapha?  We have a grant which can be used to
> >  purchase CD-Rom reference material and these would be excellent if
> >  available.
> >  Would be gald to hear if these are around and where from?
> >
> > The answer to this question will help Dr. Mary Coloe and me.
> > Richard H. Anderson
> >
> >  Dr.Mary Coloe pbvm
> > > Australian Catholic University
> > > mcoloe@netspace.net.au (home)    or
> > > M.Coloe@christ.acu.edu.au