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Re: orion Re: CD-Rom material

To Richard Anderson:

Jacob Knee beat me to the punch in informing you of The Dead Sea CDROM
prepared for the purpose of scholarly research. reviewed at


Though the CDROM seems a bit pricey.   I am acquainted with some of the
people who prepared the CDROM --a lot of work went into it.   If a source
of texts is what you are after this is the one.

There are also excellent commercially available interactive Educational
One is by Logos,  according to their advert

> The Dead Sea Scrolls Revealed
>      This interactive CD-ROM will serve as a friendly guide to all the major aspects of the
> Scrolls and their background.
>      It offers close-up pictures, for instance, of the exquisite lettering on the ancient
> Hebrew texts, or flies the
>      viewer through unique 3D constructions of the Qumran settlement and of the
> conceptual Temple as described
>      in the Scrolls.
>      And it provides various historical overviews that distill decades of scholarly research.
This cdrom is available from:


There are a number of other CDROM at that site which may be of interest.

There are also a number of websites that offer Pseudopigrapha and
Patriologia on-line.
CDroms are available but they may not be necessary for those connected to
the web.
An interesting list of links is posted by the Syrian Orthodox Church at:


One site is


There are a number of other good links.  I would be happy to reply with
more offlst.

Randall Larsen

Richard H. Anderson wrote:

> Does anyone know if the Dead Sea Scrolls are avialable yet on CD-Rom
> or the Targums or Pseudepigrapha?  We have a grant which can be used to
>  purchase CD-Rom reference material and these would be excellent if
>  available.
>  Would be gald to hear if these are around and where from?
> The answer to this question will help Dr. Mary Coloe and me.
> Richard H. Anderson
>  Dr.Mary Coloe pbvm
> > Australian Catholic University
> > mcoloe@netspace.net.au (home)    or
> > M.Coloe@christ.acu.edu.au