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Re: orion phylacteries at Qumran

Thanks Robert,

Actually, I was aware of UMI and have tried to find the dissertation below at
their site. If I understood correctly, their database searching is limited to
more recent dissertations. So I sent an e-mail with the citation and asked for
an order number. That was about, well, the 16th. No reply yet. They want that
extra $20, don't they :-).

If anyone does have access to a library that subscribes to their databases, I
would really appreciate the order number---but please, I am not expecting
anyone to go out of their way. Here I sit with worldwide access---but the
nearest library with the info is most likely University of Tennessee,
Knoxville, 60 miles away. I will also blunder around their site and see if I
can get this info.

Thank you all very much. Not only am I interested in the subject, but would
like to replicate some of these tefillin. There is a simple, but powerful
beauty in them. (I have a decent "Herodian" hand, and also play with reeds,
diptychs, inks, etc.).

Sorry to be so needy,

RLWinnetka@aol.com wrote:

> In a message dated 98-07-16 14:13:02 EDT, Tim wrote:
> << Thanks Paul,
>  Now I'm *really* interested. Not being in the loop, could I get someone
>  to give some advice on how to obtain the dissertation offline (if more
>  appropriate). Meanwhile, I will do an online search. The title would
>  indicate a more comprehensive scope than Yadin's study.
>  Toda,
>  Tim
>  pamandel@jtsa.edu wrote:
>  > Regarding the recent query concerning the phylacteries at Qumran, I
>  > suggest reading the following doctoral dissertation:
>  >
>  > David Rothstein, 'From Bible to Muraba'at:  Studies in the literary,
>  > textual and scribal features of phylacteries and mezuzot in ancient
>  > Israel', UCLA 1992
>  > >>
> ALL doctoral dissertations in the United States are available from UMI
> Dissertation Services, 300 N. Zeeb Road, Ann Arbor, MI 48106, U.S.A.
> (1-800-521-0600, 313-761-4700).  They have a fixed price for a microfilm
> blowback (about $60).  I don't know what they charge for microfilm itself.
> You might also be able to obtain a copy from UCLA, of course.
> Best regards,
> Robert Leonard
> Winnetka, Illinois