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Re: orion Re: CD-Rom material

Brill has published a CD with the Scrolls.

Lim, T. H. and P. S. Alexander. The Dead Sea Scrolls Electronic Reference
Library. Oxford; New York; Leiden: Oxford University Press; Brill, 1997.
IBM PC or compatible; 30 M hard disk; 16 M RAM; MS-DOS 3.3 or higher;
Windows 3.1 or higher; MSCDEX 2.0 or higher; double-speed CD-ROM drive
with MPC level 1 or higher; SVG monitor.

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On Sun, 19 Jul 1998, Richard H. Anderson wrote:

> Does anyone know if the Dead Sea Scrolls are avialable yet on CD-Rom 
> or the Targums or Pseudepigrapha?  We have a grant which can be used to
> purchase CD-Rom reference material and these would be excellent if
> available.
> Would be gald to hear if these are around and where from?
> The answer to this question will help Dr. Mary Coloe and me. 
> Richard H. Anderson
> Dr.Mary Coloe pbvm
> > Australian Catholic University
> > mcoloe@netspace.net.au (home)    or
> > M.Coloe@christ.acu.edu.au