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Re: orion phylacteries at Qumran

Thanks Paul,

Now I'm *really* interested. Not being in the loop, could I get someone
to give some advice on how to obtain the dissertation offline (if more
appropriate). Meanwhile, I will do an online search. The title would
indicate a more comprehensive scope than Yadin's study.


pamandel@jtsa.edu wrote:

> Regarding the recent query concerning the phylacteries at Qumran, I
> suggest reading the following doctoral dissertation:
> David Rothstein, 'From Bible to Muraba'at:  Studies in the literary,
> textual and scribal features of phylacteries and mezuzot in ancient
> Israel', UCLA 1992
> Rothstein deals at length with the evidence from the Dead Sea area.
> Respectfully,
> Paul Mandel
> Jewish Theological Seminary of America
> E-mail:  pamandel@jtsa.edu