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orion Back on line; admin announcements

Our server was bouncing messages last week. Now it appears to be working
again. I will forward the bounced messages to the list.

IOQS abstracts
	Prof. Florentino Garcia Martinez has graciously provided us with
the program and abstracts for the upcoming International Organization for
Qumran Studies 3rd International Meeting in Oslo, 2-4 August 1998. I have
posted the program (speakers and papers) on the Orion website, on the
"Bulletin Board." (go to "Conferences & Lectures"). 
	The abstracts have also been posted. You will find the link on
"Bulletin Board" with the conference program.

	Links to Stephen Pfann's "Towards an English Edition of de Vaux's
Notes: Progress Update" and Dr. Ferdinand Rohrhirsch's home page with
information on the German edition of Die Ausgrabungen von Qumran und En
Feschcha, from de Vaux's excavation diaries, have been added to "Outside
Links". Go to "Orion Resources" => "Outside Links."

Orion Papers
	Gradually more of the symposium papers are being converted to
Hebrew and Greek fonts. If you have links to these papers, it is a good
idea either to update them frequently (I have been changing the file names
to introduce some order) or to link to the "Papers Index" page. Please
remember that these papers are -drafts- only and may not be cited. The
final versions, edited and expanded, are published by E. J. Brill. Vol 1:
Biblical Perspectives appeared in March, 1998. Vol. 2 is forthcoming. 
	We welcome our new summer Orion Center intern, Naomi Jacobs. Ms. 
Jacobs is a Ph.D. candidate in 2nd Temple at Brandeis University and is
working with Prof. Bernadette Brooten. 
	We thank our past interns for 1997-1998, Angela Kim (Ph.D. 
candidate, University of Notre Dame), Adam Oded (M.A. candidate, New York
University) and Janie Brown (M.A., Trinity Western University). Angela has
returned to the US, Adam will be getting married this summer before
returning to NY and Janie has received a grant to study another year in

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