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orion forwarded from Michael Stone

I am forwarding this message at the request of Prof. Michael Stone, the
director of the Orion Center.

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---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: Sun, 28 Jun 1998 14:31:25 GMT
From: stone@nias.knaw.nl (Michael E. Stone)
Subject: Disk Crash and Apologies

This is to explain the following:

1. Yesterday I had a system crash. As a result I lost my mail folder and,
when I replaced the system from the backup, I got a three months old mail
folder which had some three-months old pending mail. That went out before I
realised. Sorry for the weird results, those fifteen persons who received

2. As a result of these events, I lost the last week's mail, which I had
hoped to answer today. So, if you have not hear from me and you expect to,
you had better write again. In addition, I can only check this mail until
Tuesday afternoon Central European Time. So ...

3.  Subsequently, I will be away for several weeks, in Ireland and Armenia.
Addresses follow:
>> M.E. Stone
>> July 1-24
>> Chester Beatty Library
>> 20 Shewsbury Road,
>> Dublin 4, Ireland
>> Tel: +353-1-269 2386
>> Fax: +353-1-283 0983
>> July 25-August 9
>> Yerevan
>> Tel: +374-2-583 159
>> Fax: +374-2-151 880
>> email: ysufth@arminco.com
>> After August 10
>> stone@vms.huji.ac.il
>> pob16174
>> jerusalem 91161

Apologies to all,

Michael Stone