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RE: orion Hirschfeld JNES and Lisan peninsula

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> Subject: 	orion Hirschfeld JNES and Lisan peninsula
> 	It may be worth noting that Epiphanius, Panarion, Heresy 19, on
> the
> Ossenes (19.1.2,  F. Williams trans.) wrote of Ossenes: "I have been
> told
> that they originally came from Nabataea, Ituraea, Moabitis and
> Arielis, and
> the lands beyond the basin of what sacred scripture called the "Salt
> Sea":
> this is the one known as the 'Dead Sea.'"
> Stephen Goranson
> goranson@duke.edu

	Something about the geography of the above is off.  Ituraea is
in the Bika Valley between the Lebanon and Hermon mountain ranges, not
across the basin of the Dead Sea -- although perhaps this detail might
in some way support the literal reading of "Damascus" in the Damascus
Document if this is one of the places from which the Essenes come.

	David Suter
	Saint Martin's College