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RE: orion When the Eschaton is delayed - Collins and the Expectat ion of the End

> From: Marcus Wood <M.E.M.Wood@durham.ac.uk>
> Date: Wed, 24 Jun 1998 10:09:20 +0100
	>Common sense suggests two possible course of action in such a
>situation. Either the community basically falls apart (as is the case
in >several modern apocalyptic sects), or the community undergoes a
>fundamental change in its ideology so as to incorporate the latest
beliefs. >The latter seems to have been the case in the early church
where the >second coming failed to materialise within the lives of the
first Christians >and the Church incorporated an extended period between
the two >comings of Christ.

	Are you aware of the modern study on this issue, When Prophecy
Fails by Leon Festinger et al?

	David Suter
	Saint Martin's College