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orion Palmyra

Dear List People,

I have read in several histories of Palmyra, Syria---or histories of
that section of the world---that during the 1st century c.e., Palmyra
had a large Jewish population.   These books were  fairly
recent histories---perhaps written within the past 15 yrs.  None of
these books provided data to back up this claim.  I have checked several

books on Palmyrean temple excavations but have not found any evidence of

a synagogue---of course, in the 1st century a sysnagoguue would be
Nor have I found evidence of Jewish sarcaphagi.

I think Aharoni, in his atlas, lists Palmyra as a Jewish population

My question:  What evidence do we have that Palymyra had a Jewish
population in the 1st. cent. c.e?