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orion Jerusalem archaeology congress

The Israel Exploration Society, Israel Antiquities Authority and the
Israel Museum are sponsoring

The 24th Archaeological Congress
June 10-11, 1998
Israel Museum

Wed. June 10

M. Tadmor: "New Discoveries in the Research of Prehistoric Israel -
Calcolithic Period"

I. Finkelstein: "End of the Bronze Period and the Period of Conquest and

Y. Tzapir: "Processes in the Development of the Cities in Israel and the
East Bank from the Late Roman Period through the Early Arabic Period"

D. Ussishkin: "New Excavations in Megiddo"

I. Magen: "Mt. Gerizim - Temple City"

Thurs. June 11

I. Garfinkel: "New Monumental Neolithic Structures at She'ar Golan"

T. Shick: "4th Century Burial - Judean Desert"

Y. Yekutieli: "The Beginning of the Ancient Bronze Period in Ashkelon"

R. Erev: "The Gate House at Beit Zade"

Z. Herzog: "The Waterworks in Beersheva"

N. Goring-Morris: "The Excavations at Kfar haHoresh"

M. Cochati: "The Bronze Period in the Golan"

L. Steeger: "Fortifications and a Gate from the Bronze Period in Ashkelon"
(in English)

A. Mazor: "Tel Beit Shean and Tel Rehov in the Iron Age II"

J. Baptist-Hombert: "New Excavations in the Gaza Strip" (in English)

A. Kloner: "New Finds at Marissa and Beit Guvrin"

Y. Porath: "The Government Center at Caesarea"

Y. Rafiono: "Summary of Excavation Results in Tel Dover"

Y. Zionit: "A Jewish Town and Synagogue from the End of the Second Temple
Period and Bar Kochba Period"

A. Netzer: "A Synagogue from the end of the Second Temple Period in

Y. Hirshfeld: "An Isolated (?) Settlement above Ein Gedi"

M. Aviam: "Yodfat during the Second Temple Period"

R. Reich: "New Finds in Jerusalem"