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orion Fw: Masada Cave

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From: James D. Tabor <jdtabor@email.uncc.edu>
To: eoakley@iadfw.net <eoakley@iadfw.net>
Date: Monday, June 08, 1998 5:12 AM
Subject: Masada Cave

>Prof. James Tabor has now gone public with the results of his four year
>investigation of the skeletal remains found at Masada in the Fall of 1963
>in the southern caves. These notes were previously circulated only as a
>private memo among various ones in the archaeological community.  You may
>find this memo now on his UNC-Charlotte Web site.  Questions remain but
>this summary offers a good rundown of what is presently known about this
>potentially important find.  Prof. Tabor's data and conclusions differs
>somewhat from those of Joe Zias, who presented a paper on these remains at
>the Jubilee Dead Sea Scroll conference last summer: