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Re: orion Natural resources and imports at Qumran

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Cher Cristophe,

Mercí beaucoup en respect à votre intérêt et votre attitude

I also appreciate your lack of seriousness in your first statement. All
balsam groves were, of course, either government property or were
privately owned by the aristocracy. Although it would be correct to
include this natural resource as something harvested locally (but not at
humble Qumran during the 2nd temple period).

Sea trade on the Dead Sea? Possibly a northern port at el-Bahr (acc. to
Humbert) along with some other candidates such as Khirbet Mazin and En
Gedi. The evidence is thin but should not be ruled out. Sea travel (if
the sea lanes are safe) are always to be preferred to land travel.

However, again, most of the material remains that would be considered
diagnostic indicators for either a seaport or a trade center (or a
caravansary for that matter) are entirely lacking at Qumran and most of
its related sites. Although certainly these sites show evidence of being
recipients of certain "items of necessity" issuing from local trade
centers. (listed in the original posting).

Stephen Pfann