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Re: orion Re: "Phenominally unpreductive"

> "Now I have $2736.15.  Every time I count my $500,
> I get a different amount." "Whoa!" "phenomenally unproductive"
> - David Washburn
> I hope that most of us can agree that this recent line of enquiry is
> getting out of hand. Most questions betray that he is simply misreading
> the info or that he hasn't done his homework (like that confused
> statement above).

The "confused statement" is a joke, which is why it's in my sig.  
It's something I read in a fictional story once that I thought was 

My point with the rest of my post had to do with the profuse use of 
"perhaps," "it may be," and such, which I think all would agree tends 
to put us into the realm of speculation.  I believe that we have 
enough tangible material before us that it is not necessary to go 
there (yet).  Nevertheless, it was late, I was exhausted, and my 
whole family is battling a round of stomach flu, so if I overstepped 
and my comments were offensive or sounded like personal attack, I 
apologize.  Let me say that I find your voice a welcome addition to 
this discussion, and am learning a lot from the archaeological 
material you are presenting.  I hope you can forgive and continue to 
present it.
Dave Washburn
"Now I have $2736.15.  Every time I count my $500,
I get a different amount."