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Re: orion The Diverse Cemetery of Qumran - afterthought

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A photograph of the remains of what appears to be a wooden catafalque on
which the body was laid to rest (whether it was once a complete coffin is
arguable) is published in Humbert & Chambon, "Fouilles de Khirbet
Qumran...", vol. I, p. 222 pl. 462 (tomb 17). One that may be more
confidently described as a coffin is in ibid., p. 223, pl. 466 (tomb 18).
The remains of what appeared to the excavators to be a lid are present in
tomb 19 (cf. commentary, p. 349). The crushing of the skulls of so many of
the bodies may be explained by the collapse of the coffins, long after the

Fred Cryer