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orion Re: "Phenominally unpreductive"

"Now I have $2736.15.  Every time I count my $500,
I get a different amount." "Whoa!" "phenomenally unproductive"
- David Washburn

I hope that most of us can agree that this recent line of enquiry is
getting out of hand. Most questions betray that he is simply misreading
the info or that he hasn't done his homework (like that confused
statement above).

The majority of  scholars accept a direct connection between the Essenes
and Qumran. Nearly all of the rest of the minority would acknowledge at
least an indirect connection between the Essenes and Qumran (thus
allowing for the descriptions of the Essenes to be used, at least to a
certain degree for understanding Qumran). The situation probably won't
change much in the near future.

Meanwhile, I'm through with this form of hopeless dialogue with an
individual who is championing a minority position. I don't blame him for
it. I just don't have time for it. 

[David, we have achieved a new stage in the dialogue. If you have such
strong convictions about your position, write a paper (or thesis) on
this topic and get it published in a professional journal. Then I will
be happy to read it. But for now I'm finished with this dicussion.]

The work we are doing here in Jerusalem, I know, sometimes seems remote.
The reason why I joined this page was to help connect up those who are
genuinely interested in the present state of our work. I would be happy
to continue as long as it remains in that vein. But I will also be happy
to back away and get back to my work if I sense that the dialogue is
becoming counter productive. 

There should be some code of ethics that could be applied here in order
to maintain order and the flow of information we all cherish. 

If there are those of you out there on Orion who agree with me, please
drop a note.

Stephen Pfann