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orion Code of Ethics


There is a Code of Ethics for this list and it's in the welcome letter as
well as on our web site. Relevant section: "3. Please adopt a courteous
tone of discourse." We all come from different backgrounds and one
person's jest is another's mortal insult, especially in the impersonal
context of e-mail (liberal use of smileys is encouraged if you are trying
to be humourous).  I enforce this rule privately and the relevant parties
have been contacted. 

Another relevant section, while I'm on the topic of list rules: "7. Edit
quoted messages. If you are quoting a previous message, please use only
the relevant sections, rather than quoting the entire message." Some of
these quotations of previous messages are unedited and 4K is a lot of
space in our archives for what amounts to a 3 line comment tacked on at
the end.

Final note: it's time to bury the dead horses instead of flogging them.

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