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Re: orion The Diverse Cemetery of Qumran

Stephen Pfann wrote:
> The issue over the cemeteries needs to be clarified.

Agreed.  The material cited below is very interesting and helpful, 
especially the geographical layout.  I would like to know if you can 
point me to some visual representations of the layouts you mention?  
Seeing the various locations would go a long way toward clarifying 
all this in my mind.

> As I pointed out in my paper at the FALL ASOR MEETING (this should be in
> print soon), the cemetery at Qumran had been carefully segregated into
> two sections, representing different settlements: 
> 1) The main cemetery: exclusively a male CELEBATE group (from the
> Yahad/Qumran)

I can't help wondering how it's established that this was a celibate 

I have nothing to add to the rest of the material at this point, so 
I'll save bandwidth.
Dave Washburn
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