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Re: orion ancient names; archaeology questions; etc.

"Are people with long experience with pottery working on de Vaux's
Qumran pottery?" Yes, at least three well seasoned archaeologists.

"Stephen Pfann, when and where will yor publication appear?"
Pending financing, the end of this year (if not next year)

"As part of the series edited by J.-B. Humbert?"
Yes. It will appear as vol.1B in that series.

"Is that series still alive?" Yes, the pottery and the metal objects
volumes are presently being prepared at the Ecole Biblique here in

"Do you accept (as, e.g., Capper does) de Vaux's date estimates of the
beginning of period 1, or did he place it too early?" Due to a revised
census of the coins, he is either correct or slightly late.

"Was de Vaux wrong about a long gap after the earthquake?" Yes and No.
The site was likely abandoned by the majority of its inhabitants during
that period (Herod's reign) but not totally abandoned.  

"Have Y. Magen and A. Drori published anything?"
As far as I am aware, only to the Israeli news media. 

"At least, I guess, we agree that Y. Hirschfeld's proposal of Pliny's
Essenes at Ein Gedi is too little, too late." I saw the site. According
to the excavator: only enough room in the huts for 20 to 40. (Not
exactly something Pliny would have written home about). If it were an
Essene settlement it was only one of many along the Dead Sea coast.

Stephen Pfann