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Re: orion ancient names; archaeology questions; etc.

Re "fine parchment" of 4Q298 (DJD XX). I would now probably use the term
"fine 'primitive' parchment". The skins of both sheets from this tiny
scroll were thin and carefully smoothed. The first sheet was more
thoroughly smoothed with some sort of abrasive tool (perhaps a stone or
a potsherd) to such an extent that the upper shaft of the hair follicle
was gone in most cases. 
I've noticed some cases in scrollery where the smoothing was done to
such an extent that the epidermis was worn away in certain places.
However, true parchment, by the classical definition, has been totally
stripped of the epidermis. Thus:
"Can one analyse direction of hair folicles on true parchment?"
Definitely No.

Stephen Pfann