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orion books

I hope I am not breaking a rule here- but my research is moving away from
Qumran studies into other directions- so I wanted to offer my books to
anyone interested.  If you want something contact me (privately) and we can
make arrangements. (prices negotiable)(I wanted them to have good homes, and
did not want to donate them to the local library where they would be
unappreciated and mishandled)

(first come, etc.)
I have:
Parry & Ricks, Current Research & Technique Developments on the DSS. $10
Eisenman/Wise, DSS Uncovered $5
Garcia-Martinez, DSS Translated $15
", DSS Study Edition vol 1 $50
Charlesworth, DSS Graphic Concordance $25
"  Qumran Questions $15
" Jesus and the DSS $25
DJD 4/7, 4/9, 4/10, 4/14, 4/4  $50 each
Qimron, Temple Scroll $20
Reed, DSS Catalogue $20
Charlesworth, DSS (Princeton ed.) vol 1-2, $30 each
Facsimile Edition of the DSS, 2 vol $50 for both
Elliger, Studien zum HAb Kommentar vom Toten Meer, $20
Die Qumran Texte, $15
Cross, The Ancient Library of Qumran $15
Maier, Texte vom Toten Meer, 3 vols $50 for all 3.
Shanks, Understanding the DSS $10
Black, The Scrolls and Christian Origins, $10
Stegemann, Die Essener, Qumran, Johannes und Jesus  $20
Braun, Qumran und das NT, 2 vols, $50 for both
Vanderkam, The DSS Today  $15
Trevor, 1 QIS, etc. (photo plates), $15
Golb, Who Wrote the DSS  $20
Wise/Abegg/Cook, The DSS $20
Ulrich, The Community of the Renewed Covenant  $20
Scanlin, DSS and Modern Translations of the OT, $5
Evans, Eschatology, Messianism, and the DSS $20
Schiffman, Reclaiming the DSS $20
Vermes, The DSS in English (new edition) $25
Shanks, The Mystery and Meaning of the DSS $10
Boccaccini, Beyond the Essene Hypothesis $15
Talmon, The World of Qumran from Within $30
Garcia-Martinez, The People of the DSS

Best, and I have enjoyed learning from you all.

Jim West, ThD
Quartz Hill School of Theology