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Re: orion The "villa" hypothesis

The article on locus 30 by P. Donceel-Voute in Banquets d'Orient (Res
Orientales 4, 1992) was criticized by R. Reich in JJS 46 (1995) 157-60.
That proposal and the villa proposal more generally have been criticized by
J. Magness in several conference papers and publications, including Revue
de Qumran 16 (1994) 397-419.
J.-B. Humbert of Ecole Biblique  (e.g., Revue Biblique) also interpreted
Qumran differently than the Donceels.
R. Donceel wrote the Qumran article in Oxford Encyc. of Archaeology in the
Near East (1997).
S. Goranson   goranson@duke.edu

>Dear Orionites,
>	I was recently reading the article by R. Donceel and P. Donceel
>Voute on the archaeology of the Qumran site (in _Methods of Investigation
>of the DSS, Present Realities and Future Prospects_; ed. M. O. Wise, et
>al., New York Academy of Sciences, 1994).  I was rather intrigued by their
>explanation of the mysterious benches from locus 30, and I was wondering
>if anyone would mind pointing me in the direction of responses to their
>working hypothesis.  Thank you in advance,
>_________   _________				Adam C. Bacon
>_________   _________			     Comparative Religion
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