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Re: orion Leather, parchment, hides and skins

>If an animal is clean and has been ritually slaughtered then its meat
>and other usable parts (including skins) are considered "fit" for
>consumption or use. If the flesh is properly prepared and blessed then
>it can be consumed. (If the animal whether clean or not has been killed
>by any non-prescribed manner, or dies on its own, it is contageously
>unclean. And there is nothing that can be done to render its parts to be
>fit for use or consumption.) 
>Stephen Pfann

According to the Rambam [Hilcot T'fillin 1:10]- scrolls [ST"M] may not be
written on the skins of unclean animals,
but may be written on the skin of Nevelah [not properly slaughtered, or
even found dead] or Trefah [slaughtered properly, but with an internal
A tanner working the skin of Nevelah will be contaminated [and require
ritual immersion, etc.] as long as there is a C'zeit [volume of an olive]
of flesh attached to the skin, after removal of the flesh- the skin [and
anyone working it] is Tahor [free of uncleanliness].
Hope this adds something.

Menachem Brody
Machon Helkat Hasadeh
Elon Moreh