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Re: orion Scribal fonts

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I have revised both Lachish and Moabite fonts with consistent
mapping.  I think you'll like the Moabite a lot better then
the first version.


dwashbur@nyx.net wrote:
> >       I have repaired the Zayin in my Lachish palaeohebrew
> > fonts and have also created Moabite Stele Palaeohebrew and
> > Codex Sinaiticus Scribal Uncial.  I am also constructing
> > Elephantine Aramaic, Qumran Herodian and Hasmonean scripts
> > and Samaritan Pentateuch..all True Type font sets.  Besides
> Hmm, A Sinaiticus font is already available on the net, but yours
> should be fun to check out as well.  There's that Qumran font from
> the fellow in Germany, but it has a very strange character mapping.
> I look forward to seeing yours.
> > being a helluva lotta fun, I am making these available to
> > all of you that so wish as a token of my appreciation for
> > the many months of productive discussions.  Until I get
> > them set up on my website (where other fonts are available),
> > I will be glad to upload them (zipped with keys) to anyone
> > who wants them.  If you see some corrections I can make,
> > please let me know.
> About the only improvement I can see would be to use a consistent
> mapping for the Hebrew characters.  I noticed that the Lachish font,
> for example, has Aleph on the ) character (standard CCAT), while the
> Moabite has it on a.  It would be nice to be able to switch between
> them without having to change mappings.  Otherwise, they look great.
> Dave Washburn
> http://www.nyx.net/~dwashbur
> I don't have ADD.  My brain has a multi-tasking,
> multi-threading operating system.

D^“man dith laych idneh d^“nishMA nishMA
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