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Re: orion Scribal fonts

> 	I have repaired the Zayin in my Lachish palaeohebrew
> fonts and have also created Moabite Stele Palaeohebrew and
> Codex Sinaiticus Scribal Uncial.  I am also constructing
> Elephantine Aramaic, Qumran Herodian and Hasmonean scripts
> and Samaritan Pentateuch..all True Type font sets.  Besides

Hmm, A Sinaiticus font is already available on the net, but yours 
should be fun to check out as well.  There's that Qumran font from 
the fellow in Germany, but it has a very strange character mapping.  
I look forward to seeing yours.

> being a helluva lotta fun, I am making these available to
> all of you that so wish as a token of my appreciation for
> the many months of productive discussions.  Until I get
> them set up on my website (where other fonts are available),
> I will be glad to upload them (zipped with keys) to anyone
> who wants them.  If you see some corrections I can make,
> please let me know.

About the only improvement I can see would be to use a consistent 
mapping for the Hebrew characters.  I noticed that the Lachish font, 
for example, has Aleph on the ) character (standard CCAT), while the 
Moabite has it on a.  It would be nice to be able to switch between 
them without having to change mappings.  Otherwise, they look great.
Dave Washburn
I don't have ADD.  My brain has a multi-tasking,
multi-threading operating system.