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orion lachish palaeohebrew fonts

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		I am just in the process of experimenting with
making fonts.  I have created a font set called Lachish Normal.
This is my first set of TT fonts with DSS fonts next (i'm waiting
on Cross and Freedman's book to see is the difference between
Herodian and Hasmonean styles warrent two sets of fonts.  I would
like my Orionist friends opinion and will upload them to anyone
who wants them.  Just let me know what improvements I can make.
I am now working on Moabite and will try to represent every
major Hebrew font using specific exemplar texts or epigraphy.
	When each font set is as good as I can make it, I will
place them all on my website for dowload.


D^“man dith laych idneh d^“nishMA nishMA
   Jack Kilmon (jkilmon@historian.net)