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Re: orion Red, green, B&W

On Fri, 1 May 1998, Christian M. M. Brady wrote:

> OK, if we are going by the DJD photos shouldn't someone mention the fact
> that they are Black and White?  How do you discern color in a B&W photo? 
> Again, I think that the argument should be shelved until someone is able to
> look at the frgs. themselves.

I agree with your conclusion, but note that DJD XII, Qumran Cave 4 VII:  
Genesis to Numbers does have one plate (#XLIX) in color.  In the same 
volume, there is a discussion of red ink on pp. 210-11, which notes 
Egyptian parallels among others, and a reference on p. 267 to a color 
transparency of an unidentified (and now missing) fragment.  No mention 
is made of green ink.

David W. Suter
Saint Martin's College
Lacey, WA 98503