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orion Red, green, B&W

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Crowder wrote:
>   So ... the publishers of the Discoveries in the Judean Desert, a pretty
>pricey set of books, are going to group together a set of photographs in
>which the coloration is totally off, possibly as a result of darkroom
>errors? Having spent many hours in the darkroom myself, I tended to make
>sure the mistakes NEVER saw the light of day.  The last thing in the world
>a reputable publisher is going to do is print a set of pictures that have
>been altered or that do not resemble the objects they're supposed to
>accurately represent. 

OK, if we are going by the DJD photos shouldn't someone mention the fact
that they are Black and White?  How do you discern color in a B&W photo? 
Again, I think that the argument should be shelved until someone is able to
look at the frgs. themselves.


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